The Kenyan coast, where life is beautiful

Take your shoes off, put your sunglasses on and let your hair down. Switch your phone off and stroll through the warm waters of the bathtub they call the Indian Ocean. Because life as you know it will continue some other day. You will see, smell and feel “the coast” the minute you step off the plane or see the first coconut palm out of the car window.

Sandy Beach at the Kenyan Coast

More than 500 kilometres of sandy white beaches, lined with palm trees and melting into the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, are waiting for you.

Thanks to the nearby reef, you won’t have to worry about strong currents or having an unexpected meet-and-greet with a shark at most parts of the coast. Float through the warm waters and let your mind wander.

You’re at the Kenyan coast, life is beautiful here.

Select your beach destination

Stroll along the white beaches of the South Coast and float on the crystal-clear waters. Despite its popularity this beautiful corner of the world has retained its pristine charm.

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Explore the colourful underwater world, watch dolphins frolic through the waves or hop on your kite board. In Mombasa’s old-town unique antiques are waiting for you.

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Discover the Swahili culture and meet the people of the island of Lamu on the northern coast. Relax on one of the exclusive islands on the south coast.
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