Camping Equipment

If you decide to swap your comfortable bed for a camping mattress, you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Chances are, you’re a city dweller and sleeping in a tent for several days sounds quite daunting. Don’t fret, at Kenya-Experience, we’ve got you covered!

The campsite

On our camping safaris, you will overnight on public campsites inside the national parks or on the outskirts. Most of the campsites are not fenced off which means you should be prepared for nightly visitors from the animal kingdom. Keep a look-out for antelopes, elephants and alike when walking to the showers. No worries, your guide will explain to you how to behave when encountering a wild animal on foot. Heads-up: screaming and running is not on the cards.


Sleeping and eating

You will sleep in a waterproof 2-person-tent (2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high) which comes with built-in mosquito nets at the entrances and windows. On your 5cm thick sleeping mattress you can dream comfortably of your adventures in the wild. Remember to bring your own sleeping bag and travel pillow along!


Sturdy camping furniture, including tables, safari chairs, functional cutlery and crockery, is provided and set up by your camping crew.


All camping equipment is imported from South Africa, the country of camping champions, and of excellent quality.


Tasty and nutritious meals will be cooked by your skilled safari chef. Bringing along a gas cooker, a knife and some pots, he will cook a delicious three-course dinner, prepare tasty lunch boxes and early morning breakfasts.


All the while you sit back and relax, appreciating these wonderful days in the wild.