Aberdare National Park

Size: ca. 767 square kilometres

Founded: 1950

Distance from Nairobi: ca. 180 kilometres


The Aberdare National Park provides the ideal habitat for elephants, buffaloes, leopards, numerous primates and over 250 bird species. You can also find rare bongo antelopes and black leopards here. Gaze upon the majestic peaks and plunging waterfalls of the Aberdare mountain range. Go on a game drive through the varied vegetation zone, ranging from mountain forest to bamboo thicket and moorland.

Aberdare National Park


Dense green forests, deep gorges and gushing waterfalls await you on a safari in the Aberdare National Park. The park, founded in May 1950, covers an area of 767 square kilometres and its dense forests stand in stark contrast to the vast savannahs of the other national parks in Kenya. The park is part of the Aberdare mountain range in central Kenya, the third-highest mountain range in the country. The mountain range lies between 1829 and 4001 metres above sea level.

Thanks to regular rainfall, the Aberdare Mountains with its numerous waterfalls is one of the most important drinking water supplies in Kenya. Due to its higher position, temperatures are lower and a warm fleece jacket will always come in handy on a safari.

In contrast to many national parks, the Aberdare National Park is covered by thick mountain rainforest and bamboo forests. Most of the park’s big game lives in these woodlands. The dense vegetation can sometimes make the sighting of animals a bit more difficult, but all the more exciting when an elephant or buffalo suddenly emerges from the thicket.
The animals often seen in this park include elephants, buffaloes, black rhinos, leopards, baboons and other primates. Less common are lions and in particular the very shy bongo antelope, which lives in the dense bamboo forest. The big cats in the area are usually very dark, a unique feature compared to other regions in Kenya. Thus, with a little bit of luck, you might even see a completely black leopard. Animals such as the large eland antelope and the small servile cat live in the higher moorlands. The Aberdare National Park is also a paradise for bird lovers as it is home to more than 250 bird species. Besides the rare Aberdare fan-tailed warbler, you can also find sparrows, eagles and hawks.