Meru National Park 

Size: ca. 870 square kilometres

Founded: 1966

Distance from Nairobi: ca. 350 kilometres


Unspoiled nature, rare wildlife and an opportunity to rest and relax completely away from it all awaits travellers to the Meru National Park. The park takes you away from the traditional safari route and allows even the most veteran Kenya safari-goers to experience new and more intimate moments in nature.
Apart from elephants, buffaloes and lions, you might even catch a glimpse of rare Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, small kudus and more than 400 species of birds in the Meru National Park.

Giraffes Meru National Park


The Meru National Park lies off the beaten track to the east of the Mount Kenya National Park. Here you will find only a small number of lodges and campsites, which only adds to the feeling of seclusion and being completely immersed in nature. This allows for a unique and special experience.

The park, with its unspoiled nature and lush vegetation, is perfect for the seasoned traveller, who has already visited the more well-known parks of Kenya and is looking for an undisturbed nature experience.
The rivers flowing down from the higher grounds of Mount Kenya and from the neighbouring Nyambeni Hills are an important life source of many plants and animals in the Meru National Park. Along the river banks majestic riparian forests grow, while in the north-western part of the park you will find grass savannah and acacia trees.

If you have already seen the Big Five, you will be delighted by the rare animals to be found in the Meru National Park. The park acts as a stopover for animals coming from the north and south and is an important habitat for reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras and Somali ostriches as well as the northern Kongoni hartebeest and Kirk’s dik-diks.

The park was made famous by George and Joy Adamson, who returned their hand-reared lioness, Elsa, back into the wild here. Joy Adamson wrote about this fascinating story in her book, “Born free”, which was later adapted into a film.

On a safari in Meru National Park, you will see gazelles, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards and with a little bit of luck even rhinos.
Kenya experts will be amazed by the rare animals found in Meru National Park and can certainly agree: Kenya always has something new and exciting to offer!