Safaris in Kenya

Whether you have travelled the world or are leaving home for the first time: a safari in the Kenyan bush will be an experience you will always remember. Leave the world as you know it behind and join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Whether you prefer to reconnect with nature on a camping safari or enjoy the luxury of a safari lodge, we will put together amazing tours for you, based on our own travel experience. In our Toyota Land Cruisers, we’ll take you to world-renowned national parks and the remotest corners of this beautiful country. Our trusted guides will not only share their knowledge with you, but their love for wildlife, nature and the people you will meet along the way. Let’s go!

Camping Safari

Experience the Kenyan bush and learn what it means to be at one with nature on our adventure camping safaris. Admire herds of elephants by day and listen to their resonating rumble by night, while you watch millions of stars twinkle in the dark sky. Our state of the art camping gear will keep you comfortable on your adventure in the bush.

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Lodge Safari

You will scout for the Big Five during the day, but return to the luxury of a lodge or tented camp for the night. Watch the sun colour the savanna orange, while you enjoy dinner on your terrace or dust-off in the pool. If you are looking for a meet-and-greet with Kenya’s wildlife, while enjoying the comfort of hot showers and well-stocked bars, join us on a lodge safari.

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Luxury Safari

Spending time in the bush and re-connecting with nature is a luxury in itself. However, on our private luxury safaris you will step into yet another world of luxury at these spectacular lodges and tented camps. Enjoy a wellness treatment and dine on fine cuisine after a long day in the bush.

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Who says you need plenty of time on your hands to experience what Kenya has to offer? Go on a game drive on the outskirts of Nairobi and see lions and rhinos only a stone’s throw away from the country’s capital. Watch orphaned elephants grow strong at the David Sheldrick Wildilfe Elephant Trust or paddle through Lake Naivasha. Memories are waiting to be made!

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