Trekking Tours in Kenya

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Kenya than on foot. Hiking through lush, green mountain forests of the slopes of Mount Kenya or walking through the seemingly endless savannah of the nature reserves, you will see, smell and feel the magic of Kenya first-hand. Humbled by its vastness and in awe of its sheer beauty, you will re-connect with nature – unspoilt and untouched.

Being nature-lovers ourselves, we at Kenya-Experience will walk with you, every step of the way.

Trekking in Kenya's mountains

Where to go trekking in Kenya?

Mount Kenya

Join us on a climb up Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, and hike along one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the world. You will hike through dense and lush mountain forest, open grass land dotted with giant lobelias and past gurgling mountain streams.

Zebras and antelopes live in the lower slopes of the mountain, so keep your eyes peeled and try not to spook the soft-footed wildlife behind the next bush.

The rugged cliffs and glaciers of this ancient extinct volcano will put you in your place and remind you that out here, nature is in charge. If the weather permits it, you may even be building your very own snowman in Africa.

Our mountain’s diverse landscapes and its many endemic plants make it a UNESCO world heritage site.

Despite its easy accessibility and gentle hiking routes up to Point Lenana at 4985m, mass tourism has spared this piece of paradise. This gives you a private meet-and-greet with our mountain and truly re-connects you with nature off the beaten track.

At Kenya-Experience, we specialise in three routes: Naro Moru Route, Sirimon Route and Chogoria Route. Enquire now.

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Walking Safaris

Going on safari, you will spend a lot of time in your vehicle. This is for good reason, since we want you to live and tell the tale of your adventures in the Kenyan bush. However, in certain areas and under guidance and protection by our professional guides, you can and should step out of the vehicle and go on a safari of a different kind: a walking safari.

In some of the private game reserves, professionally trained guides will take you on a walk through the bush: a broken branch or a soft print of a paw in the dust will tell your guide the story of an elephant herd passing by just minutes ago, or rhinos on the move to the water hole. A tiny plant to them means the wisdom of the local people to cure diseases. Going on a walking safari through the bush is like going on a walk through a whole new world. Enquire now!