Kenyan Islands

The pristine and unspoilt beaches of the Kenyan coastline don’t stop at the shores of the mainland. While Kenya’s islands may not be as big in size or as famous as others, you will discover well-kept secrets and hidden idyll once you leave the mainland behind and cruise over the shallow waters to the tropical and exclusive islands of Kenya.

Well-known for its rich Swahili heritage and secluded beaches, is Lamu Island in northern Kenya. Lamu Island is part of the Lamu Archipelago of Manda Island, Pate Island, Kiwayiyu Island and Lamu itself.
The island has a unique character you won’t experience anywhere else along the Kenyan coast. Take a stroll through its old town, recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, and breathe in the scents and be dazzled by the colours, while looking for unique jewellery and clothing.
There are no motorised vehicles on Lamu Island and when exploring your surroundings on foot, you will see and feel its traditional Swahili culture first hand. Most people on the island are Muslim and only a few hotels will sell alcohol.
The beaches of Lamu Island are amongst the most secluded in the country. From here, you can go on snorkelling and diving excursions or take a trip on a sailing boat along the shoreline.

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This tiny romantic spot is just a stone’s throw away from the popular Diani Beach on the Kenyan South Coast. You will find only a handful of lodges on this pristine island, making it the ideal place for an exclusive getaway. A lush forest covers most parts of the island, leaving just enough space for a palm-fringed white sandy beach.

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Wasini Island sits amidst the crystal-clear waters of the coast of Shimoni at Kenya’s South Coast. Known for its ideal snorkelling conditions, the small island is a great spot to discover the underwater world. Look out for dolphins and sea turtles crossing your way. If you prefer to stay above water, hop on a traditional dhow for a cruise. Local restaurants offer Swahili seafood dishes – fresh from the ocean onto your plate.

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