Explore Kenya with KENYA-EXPERIENCE

Explore Kenya and be enchanted by the strength and majesty of elephant herds crossing your way in the national parks, be mesmerised by the colourful underwater world of the Indian Ocean, be touched by the natural beauty of Mount Kenya. Be ready – to experience a trip of a lifetime!

We live, travel and work here and are lucky enough to call Kenya home. Join us on one of our tours, exploring the home of the safari:

  • Safari: It is your dream to see elegant giraffes and powerful lions in the wild, before you fall asleep under the starry night sky. Join us on a camping, lodge or luxury safari, and we will make your dream come true.
  • Trekking: You are a nature-lover and want to hike through lush forests, open grass land and past gurgling mountain streams. Climb Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa with us.
  • Beach: You want to unwind and enjoy the beauty of life at the beach, while you relax under coconut palms or surf the waves of the Indian Ocean. Travel to the Kenyan coast with us.
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Why travel to Kenya?

The green country on the equator has been the home of the safari for decades. The annual Great Migration in the Maasai Mara, the flocks of pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru and the calm warm waters at the Kenyan coast have attracted generations of travellers. Kenya invites you to experience diverse landscapes from lush forests and wide grasslands to a 500-kilometre-long coastline without crossing borders or having to get on a plane.

The country is not a newcomer on the international traveller’s map and Kenyans have understood long ago how to make dreams come true.

Lodges and campsites have come up with ingenious ways to be your home away from home and spoil you with excellent service and facilities in the middle of the bush.

Kenya is home to the Big Five. The state has put a ban on any form of wildlife hunting and together with private initiatives made the conservation of national parks one of their top priorities. Ideal conditions for wild animals to prosper in their natural habitat – and for you to watch them do just that.

The professional guides not only have a deep love for nature and wildlife, they also have qualifications and a membership certificate by the KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association) in their pocket. English is one of the official languages in Kenya, so communication won’t be a problem either. With easy access to qualified mechanics, Nairobi is the best spot in East Africa to keep a fleet of custom build Toyota Land Cruisers in shape for the bumpy bush.

Why travel with us?

We pay attention. When you tell us about your dream holiday, we listen. Together we create tailor-made itineraries for your Kenyan experience.
We are the experts. We live, travel and work in Kenya and will only sell what we know. Whether a lodge is wheelchair-friendly or the day trip is worth your money, we will know, because we have been there and done it. And we will share our knowledge with you honestly.
We love and live for Africa. Whether we were born in Kenya or welcomed to make it our second home, we love the country, its people, its nature and its wildlife. And this love is contagious.
We offer competitive prices with personal service. While Kenya-Experience works as a small team to bring you warm and personal service, we are backed by the Africa-Experience Collection. This way we can offer your Kenyan experience at a competitive price.
We take responsibility. Loving Kenya means treating all its treasures fairly, respectfully and sustainably to ensure that generations to come can experience Kenya at its best. Doing so in our interaction with staff, suppliers and environment is a matter close to our hearts.