The Kenyan South Coast

There are many beautiful beaches in the world, but there’s no denying, Kenya’s South Coast is blessed with some of the most pristine and stunning of them all. Imagine the fine sandy beaches of Diani Beach, lined with coconut palms and dotted with small restaurants and beach bars, or the crystal-clear waters of Shimoni Beach, a paradise for water sports lovers.

South coast Diani Beach

You will find this stretch of paradise only a short flight from the capital Nairobi. Alternatively, you can reach it by car via a trip on the Likoni Ferry in Mombasa. Make your way south and you will discover true beauty!

Take a walk along the uninterrupted 13-kilometre-long tropical coastline of Diani Beach, where white and wide beaches are exactly what they should be: white and wide. You won’t have to zigzag between towels and umbrellas. Locals from Nairobi love this unspoilt spot as their beach destination of choice, which is the best review for any place anywhere.

Restaurants and beach bars invite you to relax over fine food and cocktails, while you play with your toes in the sand and let your gaze wander across the azure blue Indian Ocean.

The coral reef and many sandbanks are ideal spots to discover Diani Beach’s colourful underwater world. Continuous winds will keep kite and wind surfers happy on their boards.

Explore the area towards Tiwi Beach in the north and Galu Beach in the south and you will find that paradise doesn’t end at the borders of Diani Beach.

If you feel your vitamin D levels have been rejuvenated, go on a day-trip to Kenya’s second biggest city Mombasa, only 40 kilometres north or head out to the Shimba Hills Game Reserve to spot some wildlife.

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Only about one hour’s drive from Diani Beach, you will find Shimoni, divers’ paradise. This peninsula is situated close to the Pemba Channel and is regarded as one of the last unspoilt regions for deep-sea fishing.

Before the depths of the Pemba Canal fascinating coral reefs have developed, which are protected by the Kisite Mpunguto Marine National Park. The area is blessed with crystal-clear waters making it the perfect spot to discover the marine life. Be prepared to swim amongst dolphins and marine turtles while underneath you a whole different world of colours and shapes unfolds.

You can also visit Wasini Island for a snorkelling trip from Shimoni. While Shimoni’s beaches may not compare to those of its neighbour Diani Beach, it is a dream destination if you are a keen diver or fisherman and makes for a good day-trip from Diani.

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