Trekking Mount Kenya

Hiking up Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain on the African continent, is on the bucket list of many travellers and an amazing trekking adventure for nature lovers.

You will hike through the thick montane and bamboo forests of the lower slopes, where zebras and eland antelopes often graze. Passing babbling brooks and dark blue mountain lakes, you might be lucky and spot our mountain’s big brother, Mount Kilimanjaro, in the distance.

Lobelias on Mount Kenya

Nature lovers appreciate Mount Kenya for its impressive landscapes and diverse wildlife, acknowledged even by the UNESCO as a world heritage site. Adventure seekers long to conquer the rugged cliffs and ice walls, navigating the highest via ferrata in the world.

Whether you are an experienced expeditioner or a novice hiker, there is a peak for you on Mount Kenya: you can reach Point Lenana at 4985m even if you don’t have climbing experience. The snow-capped peak of Batian at 5199m on the other hand is reserved for those with technical finesse and an appetite for adventure.

No worries, at Kenya-Experience we will walk with you and have your back:

  • You won’t get lost – thanks to our professional guides who will lead the way.
  • You will be comfortable – thanks to our high-quality camping gear and experienced crew.
  • You will get the strength you need – thanks to our mountain-chefs cooking up a storm for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We have climbed Mount Kenya via different routes and specialise in treks to Point Lenana.


Our Trekking Routes options

Sirimon Route - Mt Kenya Trekking Tour

from 1,010 USD pp (6 pax)

Sirimon Route – 4 day Mt Kenya Trekking Tour

Get to Point Lenana at 4895m and back in only four days. On the Sirimon Route, you enjoy beautiful landscapes hiking the picturesque Mackinder’s Valley and impressive mountain views at Shipton’s Camp. After summit, you descend along the Chogoria Route.

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Chogoria Route - Mt Kenya Trekking Tour

from 1,195 USD pp (6 pax)

Chogoria Route – 5 day Mt Kenya Trekking Tour

To Point Lenana along the beautiful Chogoria Route: You will camp at Lake Ellis, visit the Nithi Waterfalls and hike through the wide Mackinder’s Valley. Enjoy impressive mountain views and untouched nature. On this lesser used route, you will experience Mt Kenya’s stunning landscapes and calming remoteness.

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What to expect on a Mount Kenya trek

Our professional and experienced guides will take the lead and guide you every step of the way. They know the mountain, its wildlife and vegetation well. They will share their knowledge with you, letting you experience the trek and appreciate the beauty of the mountain on a deeper level.

On most treks, you will overnight in tents, carried and set up by our crew. You will share a two-person-tent with your fellow traveller or a traveller of the same sex, if you are going solo. Good-quality camping gear is of the essence, giving you a good night’s rest before you embark on the next leg of the journey.

Our chefs will make sure that you not only won’t go hungry, but will enjoy wholesome, delicious meals in the middle of nature. Equipped with a gas cooker and fresh nutritious ingredients, they will conjure up breakfast and dinner for the whole hiking party, plus pack lunch boxes for a snack along the way. You’re vegetarian, vegan or have any other dietary requirements? Don’t you worry, our chefs have cooked for every palate.

You will only need to carry your own daypack with lunch box, water and other essentials. All other gear and equipment, such as bags, tents and food, will be carried by our porters, the true heroes of the mountain.